Текст песни Broken Home

I can't seem to fight these feelings

I'm caught in the middle of this

My wounds are not healing

I'm stuck in between my parents

I iwhs I had someone to talk to

Someone to confide in

I just want to know the truth

I just want to know the truth

Broken home

All alone

I know my father loves me

But does my father even care

If I'm sad or I'm angry

You were never ever there

When I needed you

I hope you regret what you did

I think I know the truth

Your father did the same to you

I'm crying day and night now

What is wrong with me

I cannot fight now

I feel like a weak link

Push it back inside

It feels bad to be alone

Crying by yourself, living in a broken home

How could I tell it so y'all could feel it

Depression strikes me hard like my old earth would tell it

To me, her son, she told me I'm the one

Pain bottled up about to blow like a gun

Stories that I tell are nonfiction

And you can't take it back casue it's already done

Broken home